9781498238564Long overdue, this book comprises the papers delivered at the Bingham Colloquium at McMaster Divinity College in 2014. The conference centered on Paul’s letter to the Romans, focusing on its exegetical and applicational values. Both New Testament and Old Testament perspectives are offered in the book.

Table of Contents:

1. There Is No Longer Any Place for Me in These Regions: The Historical Setting of Romans – Christopher D. Land

2. “I have Written You Quite Boldly on Some Points”: The Register and Structure of Romans – Stanley E. Porter

3. Deliverance and Demographics: The Pastoral Riches of “Romans Righteousness” (Romans 1—4) – Robert W. Yarbrough

4. Changing Allegiance: Set Free and Spirit-led (Romans 5—8) – Cynthia Long Westfall

5. What is the Future of Israel in Romans 9—11? – August H. Konkel

6. How Then Shall We Live? (Romans 12:1—15:6) – Linda L. Belleville

7. The Old Testament and Romans: Interpreting the Scriptures which…

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