Postmillennial Worldview

PMW 2018-047 by Jason Lisle (Biblical Science Institute)

Gentry introductory note: Postmillennialism entails a full-orbed biblical worldview. The argument for postmillennialism begins in the Creation Account. A proper view of creation is necessary for a proper view of eschatological hope. Furthermore, the biblical worldview rooted in the orderly creation by God is able to justify the laws of logic, which are so necessary to rationality. This article by Dr. Jason Lisle is helpful for understanding the significance of the biblical worldview in supporting the laws of logic.

We saw previously that the Bible can make sense of laws of logic and their properties, and that the three laws of thought are rooted in the nature of God. However, non-biblical worldviews cannot make sense of laws of logic or their properties. As one example, consider materialism: the belief that all things that exist are physical and extended in space. It is…

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