The Green Collection 1 Samuel Papyrus and Mummy Cartonnage

Variant Readings

In the course of rooting around online for further insight into the early Christian papyrus fragments I have been discussing (here and here), Iโ€™ve followed in the tracks of others (like Brice Jones and Roberta Mazza) who were already going down this rabbit hole years ago. Today that path led to another papyrus in the Green Collection that travelled widely in the Passages exhibition. Unlike some of the other camera shy fragments in the collection, this manuscript appeared prominently in promotional materials. It is a papyrus containing the beginning of 1 Samuel in Greek. Here is an image published in the online version of The Oklahomanย in May 2011:

1 Samuel Passages Exhibit Papyrus containing 1 Samuel 1:1-5 in the Green Collection in 2011; image source:ย The Oklahoman

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