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Messianic Jews 11:8-22
Letter to the Messianic Jews

In my last post, we began to explore what many call The Hall of Faith or as Stern might say The Hall of Trust. We started in Messianic Jews 11:4-7to learn of the Trust of the Early Patriarchs. In this post, we examine Trust of Avraham and His Children in Messianic Jews 11:8-22. Obviously, this is a massive chunk of scripture to digest in one post so we will begin with verse 8 in this post. That explains the weird numbering system I have had to employ to maintain the topical headings from my old RSV.

8 By trusting, Avraham obeyed, after being called to go out to a place which God would give him as a possession; indeed, he went out without knowing where he was going. 9 By trusting, he lived as a temporary resident in…

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