Sometimes Love Is A Giant Semi In the Opposite Lane

Samaritan's Song

Starting a new job is stressful, regardless of how great the job is.

And the stress of starting my new job has been compounded by the fact that I hate and loathe interstate driving.

I don’t like merging.  I don’t like being hemmed in by a lot of other vehicles traveling at high speeds.  I gawk at the people I see riding by me at eighty miles an hour who are doing things like texting and eating McDonalds and nothing that remotely resembles driving.  I hate the labyrinthine tangle of lanes that, sometimes with warning and sometimes not nearly enough, will shoot you off in nine different directions at once.

So when I found out that my new job was smack in the middle of the downtown area of the major city we live in a suburb of, I panicked – and immediately tried to find another way.  “Are there…

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