Teaching the Codex

Barbara McCormack is Special Collections Librarian at Maynooth University. She teaches on the MA Historical Archives, a programme concerned with the principles, attitudes and skills necessary for the professional management of archival collections.

As Special Collections Librarian at Maynooth University Library I am in the enviable position of curating the historical collections of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth held in the Russell Library, a Pugin designed reading room completed in 1861. One of the most important collections in this regard is a collection of sixteen medieval manuscripts dating from the eleventh century to the first quarter of the sixteenth century which. Angela and Peter Lucas extensively catalogued for their book The Medieval manuscripts at Maynooth: explorations in the unknown. Published in 2014 this work presents comprehensive palaeographic and codicological details for each manuscript along with provenance and other information.[1] Many of the manuscripts are liturgical in nature, reflecting the fact…

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