The edge of a bluff lined river – a glassy reflection glistens and bounces onto a hill.

The light touches the rims of trees and buildings, creating patterns dancing from one place to another .  The deep crevices fill with darkness.  The sky is magnificently dotted with wispy clouds,

Interlaced with mauve, crimson and blue.  A path of towering pines shades the heat of the sun,

Looking out at the beauty of God’s perfect creation – breathing in the sweet, fresh air – hearing the sounds of rushing water and birds singing their little hearts out – fills your heart with contentment.  This little morsel of peace is just a speck in the scheme of things.

How long we’ve waited for the glory of these summer days.  They are so few and fleeting.  Soon the leaves will turn to red and gold and then fall.  Like our lives. We wither and die.

The moments…

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