Giving Thanks to God

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

When one reads the book of Psalms and what Israel declared about what God had done for them, one realizes that the people of Israel were a grateful people and that they offered thanksgiving to God in songs, in prayers, and in worship.

The gratitude of Israel was expressed in worship in the temple, as the people came into God’s presence to celebrate God’s faithfulness. In worship, Israel expressed joy and gratitude for the many blessings received from God, for God’s mighty acts performed on behalf of the community, or for anything that changed the life or the circumstances of an individual Israelite.

In addition, a study of the Psalms reveals that whenever the people came to give thanks to God, thanksgiving was always in the context of worship and it was always accompanied by an offering. The people expressed their thanksgiving with words and demonstrated their gratitude with an…

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