Rufus the Blockhead


Ausonius, Epigrams:

“This is Rufus’ tablet: nothing could be more true. Where is Rufus himself? In the cathedral. What’s he doing? The same thing as on the tablet.” *

Haec Rufi tabula est: nil verius. Ipse ubi Rufus?
In cathedra. Quid agit? Hoc, quod et in tabula.

“Rufus said, ‘I recall’ in his poem. The verse doesn’t – no, rather, Rufus doesn’t have a heart [cor].”**

Reminisco Rufus dixit in versu suo.
Cor ergo versus, immo Rufus non habet.

“He wrote ‘I recall’ [reminisco] and thinks that he can speak Latin. He would read heart [cor] where co is written – if he had a heart.”

Qui Reminisco putat se dicere posse Latine;
Hic, ubi CO scriptum est, legeret COR, si COR haberet.

“Rufus the professor was once invited to a wedding with (as it happens) a crowded party. In order to show everyone that…

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