God and Jesus didn’t even speak English

Just me being curious


Matthew 25:1-13  The Parable of the Ten Virgins


This morning I ponder how impossible it was to live with the bible before the days of printing presses and modern-day bible editors … before the days of chapters and  verses … before sub-headings précis-ing what follows … all those (mere) 727,969 words (NIV) that are pored over as the Living Word of God (English obligatory)!



Or maybe you prefer the real bible: the 1611 King James bible with a fulsome 788,280 words … Or perhaps the proper bible: THE King James with 770,430 words.  Which means the NIV is a puny – and irrelevant – 727,969 words.  But if you are American then you have a very respectable 782,815 words in the NASB.

“Overall, it is difficult to pin down exactly how many words the Bible had when it was written in its original…

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