How Jesus Treated Crowds

Jamin Bradley

The Bible seems to list over and over again that Jesus was filled with compassion for people and that this compassion moved him to do his ministry (Mt 9:36; 14:14; 15:32; Lk 7:13). Out of that compassion he healed, comforted, fed, and taught people. He didn’t have to do these things—it’s clear he was exhausted from ministry. I mean, he nearly slept straight through a storm while on a boat that was being swamped by waves that were so strong, that even the disciples who used to spend their lives on boats as fisherman were scared that they were all going to die (Mt 8:23-27)! How tired do you have to be?

But time and time again, rather than be annoyed by people, Jesus had compassion on them and kindly ministered to them. People crowded him so much that at one point he healed a person by proxy and didn’t…

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