I agree 100%!! 🙂


Why do I see the world from a Biblical worldview?  That is a big question, and it is difficult to answer.  It’s difficult because it requires me share my life story: to explain how everything I have experienced lead me to the point where I finally understood and embraced God’s Word.  For many of the believers I know, this is so easy.  They just accept, like a child.’  But the Lord didn’t make me that way.  For whatever reason, he made me question everything.  I have to understand something before I can accept it.  It’s sort of like a form of obsessive/compulsive disorder.  If I cannot understand, I cannot accept — period.  Well, I am not the first one to read the Bible and find that it makes God appear to be cruel and unjust.  Nor am I the first person to notice that Scripture seems to…

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