In a world confused about morality, conscience and sin, we’re faced with a real dilemma.  The evil of this world has slowly deteriorated to the point of obliterating the truth of God.  Our inability to accept the word “sin” has been wiped out of our dictionary over time.  Thus we’ve lost our need for someone to rescue us.

To most of our population, God is no longer in the equation.  He’s taken a back seat to fake news  – desire for others to fail – a dog eat dog philosophy in life and business – social networks that spew hatred and bullying of those who are not up to our standards – get rich quick schemes – stepping on others to reach your goals.

When Jesus crushed and defeated Satan, the devil began the fight of his life.  He was  allowed to roam the earth like a lion on the prowl.  He’s lured folks in with promises…

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