Ancient Religion, Creative Writing, and Comic Books

The Biblical Review

As teaching becomes increasingly important in universities, it becomes increasingly necessary for graduate students to seek out creative, new ways of effective teaching practices. In the last few days, an article on the role of creative writing in the classroom was published. Then, on August 16th, a short piece on Mesopotamian figures in marvel comics was published. When taken together, these articles provide a potential example of how to address religion in the ancient world.

First, Sara Ronis included a creative writing assignment in her course “Home, Exile, and Diaspora in the Hebrew Bible” (original article here). The assignment was described as follows:

The Creative Lamentation assignment asked students to write their own “biblical” lamentation (in English) about an event that occurred in the last hundred or so years. To prepare for the assignment, we read excerpts from Sumerian city and cultic laments, the biblical book of Lamentations…

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