The Promises of God

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

I must be honest that I can be quick to doubt if I do not see God come through as quickly as I would like. That is when I have to step back and reflect on God’s promises. God has fulfilled every single promise that except for those pertaining to the end times. All the prophecies regarding Christ were fulfilled. All the promises about the Holy Spirit have come to pass. I can bank on who God is. So can you! He is your Provider! He is your Sustainer! He is your Shield! He is your Banner! He is your Peace! He is all you need!

I came across this song within the last few weeks. It is a beautiful reminder that God is faithful, and all His promises are Yes and Amen.

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One thought on “The Promises of God

  1. I am sorry, but until Christians, Evangelicals, start truly believing in Jesus and not power to gain for power’s sake, and judging others as not human or made by God, I will remain with other Christians who are without hate, and judgement of others. We are suppose to love everyone with empathy. God designed all of us, not only some of us. Who are we to judge God’s creations.


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