Citing Reference Works 11: Cambridge History of Christianity

SBL Handbook of Style

As noted in earlier posts, the Cambridge Ancient History (CAH) and Cambridge History of Judaism (CHJ) are somewhat similar to handbooks and companions but different enough to merit their own posts. This post applies the same principles to their sister series, the Cambridge History of Christianity (CHC). Specifically, SBL Press treats CHC as it does CAH and CHJ: as a series consisting of individually titled volumes; the principles for citing CAH and CHJ should be applied equally to CHC.


  1. As with other collections of essays written by various individuals, the citation should identify the author and the title of the chapter (essay).
  2. Each essay should be located within the individually titled volume in which it appears, not merely as a part of CHC.
  3. As with other edited collections, the editors and series should be given after the title of the chapter, followed by the publisher…

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