Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity: Counterpoints

The Reagan Review

book 2 views trin.jpg

Here’s a volume in the Zondervan’s popular Counterpoints series. Because a proponent of each view presented debates others of varying viewpoints, these volumes can be particularly effective. A single author often has trouble fairly presenting opposing views, but here every chapter is presented by someone who strongly believes in the position described. Knowing that others will debate every point keeps each contributor on his or her toes.

This book describes two views on the doctrine of the Trinity: classical Trinity and relational Trinity. Each of those viewpoints is divided yet again by two contributors who hold slightly different perspectives within the model. The only thing that strikes me as odd about this volume as compared to others of its type that I have seen is that the four contributors, Stephen R. Holmes, Paul D. Molnar, Thomas H. McCall, and Paul S. Fiddes, are not that far apart in what they…

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