August Audio Books


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. My youngest is dealing with bad allergies and a cold with the rain we are having here, but we survived the week:).

The following are not necessarily listed in the sequence I heard them, but in the order I favored them.

#1 Before We Were Yours: A NovelScreenshot_20180905-194520.png

A must read/hear and have! From all the library books I borrowed in August this is one I must have in my collection! 5 🌟 all the way! Based on the Georgia scandal when babies were being kidnapped and sold, Lisa Wingate weaves the heart wrenching story where the love of siblings surpasses all. It had the most touching ending I’m trying not to weep as I recall.  Although, I cried throughout the novel, Lisa always manages to make me smile if not LOL, making it a well balanced book! The narrator is…

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