Ecclesiastes 7:28: In Search of a Better Translation

Totally appreciate your perspective Dr. M.

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

In my previous post, Ecclesiastes 7:28: Not One Upright Woman?, I discussed the problem many English translations of the Bible have with Ecclesiastes 7:28. These translations mistranslate this obscure verse and, in the process, introduce a misogynistic idea into their translations which, in my opinion, is not supported by the text.

In the present post I will offer a different translation of the text, a translation that differs from the five translations cited in the previous post. In an upcoming post, I will discuss whether Ecclesiastes 7:28 shows that Qoheleth was a misogynist.

In Search of a Better Translation

Ecclesiastes 7:28 is a difficult text to translate into English. In addition, the interpretation of this verse is problematic because of the ambiguities conveyed by the text. In order to offer a better translation of the text, I will cite the Hebrew text and then use the NRSV and the…

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