Blog Post: Thoughts on the ETS Ontario/Quebec Regional Meeting


Last weekend, on September 15, I attended and presented a paper at the regional ETS meeting at Heritage Theological Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The theme this year was “The Holy Spirit and Revival.” For a small region, there were a total of 20 parallel sessions (in which 11 papers were from McMaster Divinity College people). The two plenary sessions were first by John Vissers of Knox College, Toronto, entitled “The Holy Spirit and Canadian Protestantism: Can a Dying Church Be Revived?,” and the second by Ronald Kidd of Tyndale University College and Seminary, entitled “Blaze of Renewal? The Canadian Experience of Revival.”

My paper was entitled: “Another Look at Galatians 6:16: Its Meaning and Relevance to Supersessionism.” As this verse is often used to support supersessionism, I investigated two areas related to Greek grammar in the interpretation of this verse: the function of καί and the meaning of the…

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