A Personal Update

Larry Hurtado's Blog

In light of the many expressions of encouragement and good wishes from readers of this site in response to my illness, I feel it appropriate to give a brief update.  I was released from hospital and the second round of chemo therapy on 21 September.  I’m still trying slowly to catch up on emails and other matters that simply had to be put on hold during the hospitalization (which comprised most of July through September).  I’m told that it will take about 6 months for me to regain lost weight (ca. 14 kg), energy/strength, and hair (!!).  But it’s wonderful to be home and free of hospital routines and constraints.

So, thanks again for all the emails and comments expressing concern and encouragement.  Blogging on this site will have to take a back seat to more pressing matters, such as reference letters for former students, etc.

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