Britain’s New ‘Democrats and Veterans Party’ questions if Paedophilia is result of Nurture or … Women Interbreeding with Nephilim Aliens

Remnant of Giants

The Democrats and Veterans Party is a recently formed UK political party led by John Rees-Evans, previously a candidate for the (more liberal) UK Independence Party (UKIP).

At the Democrats and Veterans Party conference on 14–15 September 2018, which took place in Barnsley, guest speaker Belinda McKenzie introduced a topic which has previously been inexplicably absent from British politics: the coming of Nephilim aliens from outer space who interbred with humans and may have caused their half-breed descendants to be paedophiles. In a wide-ranging speech, McKenzie asked the perennial question of whether paedophiles were created by their own abusive family circumstances (and therefore by ‘nurture’), or by alien Nephilim descending from the heavens to interbreed with their distant ancestors (i.e., ‘nature’). Her answer was as follows:

Why do types in our society do these things to small children? What is it that turns them on. I mean, most ordinary  people wouldn’t dream of…

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