A Lawyer's Prayers

Another Autumn is upon us.  The leaves are turning brilliant shades of red and gold, their beauty a simultaneous warning of the inevitable approach of Winter and a piercing reminder of our own mortality.

Once we could bravely face the future.  But our journey and the battles fought along the way have wearied us.  We are laden with sorrows and scars.

As we grow older, many of us feel our anxieties mount.  We dread the loss of loved ones.  We fear for our finances.  We envision ourselves being overtaken by illness – our faculties dimming, our strength gone.

There is some truth to this view.  We must all eventually let go of this life.

Christians though know that Spring follows Winter, that this life is only a precursor to the next.  The poignancy of Autumn heralds the glories of a new season and a new dawn with Christ.


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