Elisha ~ Part 1

My Heart is for Israel

In my last post, we completed our series on Eliyahu from the Tanakh and Brit Hadasah. In this post, we will begin a new series on Elisha. We were briefly introduced to Elisha as we studied Eliyahu, but he was left holding Eliyahu’smantle (cloak)as he saw him taken up to heaven in the fiery chariot. We begin our study of Elisha by returning to 2 Kings 2:13-18 whereElisha picks up the mantle of Eliyahu and Parts the Yarden River.

13 Then he picked up Eliyahu’s cloak, which had fallen off him. Standing on the bank of the Yarden, 14 he took the cloak that had fallen off Eliyahu, struck the water and said, ‘Where is Adonai, the God of Eliyahu?’ But when he actually did strike the water, it divided itself to the left and to the right; then Elisha crossed over. 15 When…

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