Matthew 23:19

A Workbook of New Testament Greek

In the next post I will switch from the gospel of Matthew to 2 John; but Matthew 23:19 is so closely tied to 23:18 that I had to add this one last verse. 

Jesus continues to talk about swearing by the offering on the altar, or by the altar itself.

τυφλοί, . . . . blind ones

τί γάρ μεῖζον, . . . . for what is greater

τό δῶρον . . . .  the gift

ἤ τό θυσιαστήριον . . . . or the altar

τό ἁγιάζον τό δῶρον; . . . . the (thing) making holy the gift?

You blind men! For which is greater, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred?  (ESV)


Several translations, including the ESV above, use ‘You blind men!’ for the first phrase.  However – as you can see – the Greek is one word, the masculine plural vocative…

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