just a little more time is needed…

Beholding Him Ministries

Dear GodThis is a redo or an old blog…a reminder to myself, won’t you journey with me?! 🙂

I see this quote all over the internet and Facebook… and I get it!

It is an absolutely good thing to come into the presence of God without a ‘work it out for me’ list! A blessing to have a relationship with The Lord and just wants to spend time with Him, that’s the way God designed it. A blessing beyond words to seek the face of God instead of His hand! I love that message!

It’s that MINUTE to simply say thank you, for ALL I HAVE that has a hard time coming out of my mouth.

take a minute…

take a minute

I did the math!

The Lord has given us 1,440 minutes today.
Surely, we have more than one minute to say thank you for ALL I HAVE.

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