My October Audio Books


Happy Saturday, I hope everyone is enjoying their first weekend of month! Yesterday was full of appointments and sleep. Today we had rummage sale before heading out to my daughter’s volleyball game 🏐  .

Last month I heard fewer audio books than September and thought I’d share them sooner than usual. In fact I might start sharing them weekly since I usually listen up to 3 a week! 😉

1.The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus (Case for … Series)Screenshot_20181103-102319

I rate this one a 5 🌟. It probably took me over a week to finish simply because I would pause to let stuff sink in, do some research, write things down or rewind. It is super deep and has a lot  of dialogue so I mostly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow spiritually.

2.Too Many Secrets (The Jennie McGrady Mysteries)Screenshot_20181103-102432This is…

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