2 John 1:1 in the Codex Sinaiticus

A Workbook of New Testament Greek

Here is the first verse of 2 John from the Codex Sinaiticus:

2 John

Below I have transcribed this into standard, lower-case Greek.  I’ve also added spaces between words, but have not attempted to reproduce the relative size of the tiny letters at the ends of lines.

ο πρεσβυτερος

εκλεκτη κυρια

και τοις τεκνοις

αυτης ους εγω α

γαπω εν αληθι

α και ουκ εγω μο

νος αλλα και πα

τες οι εγνωκοτες

την αληθεια [the final two letters δι are from the next verse]

As always,

1  the Sinaiticus uses all capital letters.

2  The sigma is lunate (looks like a capital ‘C’), and

3  The omega looks like a large version of the modern lower-case omega (‘ω’), not the modern upper-case omega (‘Ω’).

Note also that the scribe seemed to have no difficulty dividing a word in the middle and continuing it on the next line, e.g.:




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