Grant Osborne, the well-known New Testament scholar associated for most of his career with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, died in his sleep last Saturday, November 4, 2018, at 76 years old. I knew Grant for nearly forty years, first as my teacher, then as my mentor while I was his teaching assistant, and then as a colleague and friend. He was always an example of a godly man dedicated to Godโ€™s word.

Born on July 7, 1942 in Queens, New York, Grant never came across as your typical New Yorker, neither sounding nor acting like one. In fact, I did not even realize he was from New York until years later. Like me, Grant grew up in a home of musicians. Unlike me, Grant grew up to become a very accomplished musician himself, and as an adult even conducted performances of Handelโ€™s oratorio Messiah. The family moved to Fortโ€ฆ

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