Reading Acts

Bob MacDonald (@drmacdonald) posted the November 2018 bright and early on December 1, and it is a good one. Be sure to check it out and click on all the links. Subscribe to a few new blogs this holiday season. First time host Christopher Scott will take control of the Carnival for the December 2018 carnival (due January 1, 2019).

I noticed that Brian Small posted a notice about the death of Hebrews Scholar Paul Ellingworth, “one of the most prolific contributors to the scholarly study of Hebrews.”  Jim Gordan has a nice tribute to Ellingworth as well.

As of this time, I do not have hosts for any carnivals for 2019. I have reached out to a few newer bloggers as well as previous hosts, but I have had fewer volunteers recently. Bob MacDonald said this about hosting a carnival:

Hosting a carnival is a valuable task. You will…

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