Homosexuality: The Biblical-Christian View | Kevin Dodge

An excellent resource is the book “The Bible and Homosexual Practice”.

Reasoned Cases For Christ


Over the years I have read and analyzed a host of articles about homosexuality, the LGBTQ community and the moral conflict that ensues with our cultures worldview and what I would call Orthodox Evangelical Christianity. The subject deserves a detailed and honest study and the one that I am going to recommend here presents what I would call a balanced Biblical Christian overview. There may be some that disagree with my recommendation and I accept and understand that. If however, you are looking for some guidance with regard to this particular subject, especially with regard to how Christians should respond to this controversial subject, this would be the one that I do recommend. It’s lengthy and detailed but this is not an easy subject to traverse and it deserves our time and prayerful consideration.

I. Introduction

Homosexuality is a controversial issue in many societies. For some it has become an…

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