How Hollywood Hijacked Your Mind

ethan renoe

35746004106_c1dbf99472_z Photo of/by Luke Renoe.

Today I was introduced to the idea of Soft Power and the term alone caused so many things to instantly click in my head. Soft Power is a clear paradox to Hard Power, and once you grasp the simple concept, so much will make sense. It’s the reason you always feel like you’re offending someone, or that if you disagree with someone, you’re anathema to the cultural tide.

For example, take the Koreas as embodiments of the two notions. North Korea has nuclear weaponry aimed at the soil of the world, hovering her finger above the launch button if someone pries too closely. Hard Power. The bully with the bigger muscles and the baseball bat.

By contrast, South Korea is a rising star in the music scene with numerous breakout boy bands which my students are obsessed with. K-Pop is infecting radio waves alongside the behemoth…

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