God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

Years ago, I gave each of our grandchildren treasure boxes for storing things we had studied together. In them are workbooks that we used for our Summer of Psalms, proclaiming Godโ€™s Word, plus awards they received for memory work, a CD of the music we sang, and crafts we used for activities. (To our one grandson we gave a solid red box.) In the last two years, we have given them copies of some of our published books. We no longer study together, but they have these treasures to review and remember what they learned when they were younger; hopefully to share with their own children and grandchildren. Our books mayย be of more interest to them when they are older. Our youngest, Emma, will be sixteen in March.These boxes serve as a place for them to keep the sources from which they have learned of God andโ€ฆ

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