Traffic sounds rumble early on a frosty morning.  The crash of box cars echoes from the tracks.  People running here and there with so much to accomplish and so little time.  You become invisible in a sea of bodies rushing – only to scream through the day – tear through traffic to get home again and do it all over tomorrow.

The news is filled with hatred between races, murders, theft, horrendous crimes that only a demented mind could concoct.  There are stories of sexual deviation, infidelity, promiscuousness.   We hear of hit men being ordered to assassinate – bodies dismembered and left to rot – lack of respect for life at every avenue.

Where is the peace?

Children go to school with thoughts in their minds of being bullied, teased or humiliated.  They struggle to maintain grades so they can go on to college and succeed in the future.  They grow…

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