Humility| 3 Ways to Make your High Horse Lame

Chipped Vessel

I must admit I got a little chuckle out of the title myself. I use the term high horse more than I would like to own up to. I will say things like, “Look at so-and-so, they rode in on their high horse” or “get off your high horse”. Just in case you find yourself reading this and have no idea what I am referencing, let me explain. When someone uses this quote it is referring to a person acting self-righteous or pompous. An individual that lacks a sense of humility will choose a high horse as their mode of transportation.


1. Ask God to Perform a Heart Examination

Petitioning God to show us what resides in our heart and mind can be a scary task. God will dredge up things long forgotten. One example is wrongs we need to make right, they lead us on a strenuous trail that…

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