The Old Man and the Gun

We hadn’t been to the DCA for a while so it was pleasant to return and see this excellent film – Robert Redford’s last.  He is a fine actor and none more so than in this tale of an elderly bankrobber, Forrest Tucker.  For me he was outshone by Sissy Spacek who brought a life and depth to her character (as his wife) which was beautiful.  Redford made his name with Paul Newman almost 50 years ago with The Sting so I suppose this criminal caper was a fitting way to bow out.

Director David Lowry shot the film on 16mm with a kind of grainy texture, which together with the music makes it feel from an other era.  Overall it is a classy film, with great acting, a predictable story line, great music and some fine cinematography.  Well worth going to see.  However….

I have some reservations.  The fact…

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