Was Jerome Corsi Complicit In A Go Fund Me Scam?

Do Right Christians

James A., Ph.D

On December 13, 2018, The Daily Caller (“DC”) (founded by Tucker Carlson of FOX News) published an article claiming that Dr. Jerome Corsi helped raise $25,000 for a doctor that didn’t exist. I will direct the reader to the article so as to not take credit for their work and to avoid redundancy in repeating the same claims.

Corsi’s lawyer, Larry Klaymen, posted a response to the article here. 

For the following reasons, I believe Jerome Corsi knowingly and intentionally engaged in wire fraud, theft, conspiracy to defraud,  and assisted in a scam that bilked $25,000 from his followers to endorse a cause he knew to be fraudulent. I do not say this lightly. I have been a fan of Corsi’s for several years, and own some of his well-researched books. I supported and defended Jerome Corsi when he was attacked by the “Q Anon” crowd in…

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