The “Willoughby Papyrus” (P134)

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In the latest issue of Journal of Biblical Literature Geoffrey Smith offers an in-depth discussion of an interesting papyrus that has a few verses of John on one side and what appears to be remnants of an otherwise unknown Christian text on the other side of the writing material: Geoffrey Smith, “The Willoughby Papyrus: A New Fragment of John 1:492:1 (P134) and an Unidentified Christian Text,” JBL 137.4 (2018): 935-58.

The item was acquired by Professor Harold Willoughby (University of Chicago) at some point earlier than the early 1950s, when it shows up in a hand-written list of such items among Willoughby’s large personal collection of books and manuscripts.  But Willoughby never published the item.  Instead, at his death it went into a suitcase and was stored in an attic, until one of his descendents discovered it.  Initially, it was put on e-Bay for sale, but when Brice Jones noticed it…

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