Chipped Vessel

Where were you when I needed an ear, a heart, a hand

Where were you when my feet were stuck in sand

I called, cried, shouted, yelled but no one heard

I tried, endured, fled, it was all so absurd

Giving all my time away, hoping it mattered

Crying all my tears away, my life shattered

On the brink of regret, a final choice

On the brink of mistake, came a soft Voice

I made you for a reason, please listen to Me

I made you for this world, it needs to see

The heart that beats inside you, full of love

The heart that beats inside you, sent from Above

I know it’s difficult, it’s lonely, its not fair

I know it’s scary, it’s sad, don’t take the dare

Find rest in Me, I will make you stronger

Find comfort in Me, hold on a little longer

I listened…

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