Making and Maturing

Glory to God in the highest heaven,

and peace on earth to people he favors!

-Luke 2:14, Christian Standard Bible

The glory of God is the ultimate end of redemption, and therefore Christmas. I must confess that sentence is a tough one for me to believe. I readily affirm its truthfulness, but man, it’s hard to live out.

What I’m saying is Christmas is all about God’s glory. For the sake of thoroughness, let’s define the word glory as greatness, value, or supreme worth. So Christmas—celebrating the coming of Jesus to save sinners—is meant to display the greatness/worth/supreme value of God.

I didn’t make this up. I learned it from my friend Jonathan Edwards. This year, by God’s providence, I was re-reading portions of his work The End for which God Made the World, and I saw this line:

That the glory of God is the highest and last…

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