I love the Psalms


No matter how many times you’ve read the Psalms, David Kitz’s dramatic rendering is sure to bring new revelation and insight. You’ll smile at the mirth around the family table, stand in awe under a canopy of stars, then weep at a tsunami’s destructive power, and through it all see the wonder and working of God.  It is my fervent hope that everyone reads this book!

Keith Clemons — Award winning author of “Angel in the Alley”

Sample Cover Psalms Alive! by David Kitz

Psalms Alive! is Canadian! Yes, what a delight to have a meditational study that is biblically sound and makes you cry and belly laugh at the same time. Author David Kitz has done it again and has brought the truth of the Psalms to life.

Rev. Karen Middleton, Tent of David, Rockland, ON

As a person living with hereditary vision impairment, I am highly auditory. David Kitz…

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