You never begin a new life. It’s a mistake to think that you end one part of your life and start another as if there’s no continuity. Rudy Giuliani

When Lot’s wife looked back the smoldering cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the last chance she would have to see it.  Because she was disobedient to the command not to look back, her plight was that she became of pillar of salt.  Just like that – bam!  Why did she look back?  Was it because she was told not to or was it simply a natural instinct to see God’s destructive hand at work?  I often wonder what she was thinking in that brief moment.

When we take a look at the past year on New Years Eve, we’re doing a lot of remembering, reminiscing, reevaluating, rethinking.  The old year is coming to a close.  Now what?  We will…

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