“Mum’s the word!” ~King David

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts


David knows. God has given him wisdom.

Being quiet and not saying what I am thinking is a good course of action. I should do it more.

Mum’s the word!

I’m determined to watch steps and tongue so they won’t land me in trouble. I decided to hold my tongue as long as wicked is in the room. “Mum’s the word,” I said, and kept quiet. But the longer I kept silence the worse it got — my insides got hotter and hotter. My thoughts boiled over; I spilled my guts~King David | Psalm 39:1-3

As David acknowledges, holding what I say is easier said than done.

The Apostle James warns me “If anyone thinks himself to be religious and scrupulously observant of the rituals of his faith, and does not control his tongue but deludes his own heart, this person’s religion is worthless, futile, and barren.”

Yikes. I pray to God for self control.

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