5 Books That Massively Impacted My Life In 2018

Living Life On Purpose

I remember very well somewhere mid January this year as I spotted two books in a mart and went straight to get them even though that wasn’t the purpose for going to the mart.

Long story short I planned and spoke about reading a lot of books this year, but you know how cheap talk is, and how we can easily push things as reading aside when life happens…

I look back and I’m proud of myself for atleast one thing, being able to exceed my own expectations. ( I wanted to read like 12 books one a month for the year😃)I persisted even though sometimes I didn’t feel like reading, I read till I felt like doing it to the point where I couldn’t lay the book down.

So yeah, I know that anything I decide on I’m well able to do if only I stick to the decision…

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Biblical studies, Health and Nutrition, Biology, Fitness, Hiking, Reading. Re-blogging doesn't equal agreement.

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