11,890 Words|Every Word is Held Accountable

Chipped Vessel

The inevitable bombardment of New Year well wishes will undoubtedly flood your social media sites today. We will reflect on 2018 and as it comes to a close, our thoughts will become reminiscent. The things we said we would do but didn’t quite get around to it. The weight we would lose but did didn’t make it happen. The Bible reading plan we tried to read through, again didn’t make the cut. Goals of a more in-depth prayer time somehow never came to fruition. Some of us performed great things to glorify our Lord, some of us quite frankly, missed the boat.

I am not one to make resolutions for New Years, I like to make goals. One goal this year is to be aware of my words. That big number at the top is the amount of words I used on this blog for 2018. 11,890 words that I…

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