Biblical Studies Carnival 154 (December 2018)

Reading Acts

First time host Christopher Scott has posted the Biblical Studies Carnival for December 2018. Christopher collects links from the four categories that I write about: Bible, theology, small groups, and leadership. Head on over and check out what he has for us this month. Veteran blogger Jim West will host the Carnival in January. Jim always mixes up an interesting stew when he hosts a carnival. Here is the schedule for the next few months:

  • January 2019 (Due February 1) –  Zwinglius Redivivus, Jim West,@drjewest
  • February 2019 (Due March 1) –
  • March 2019 (Due April 1) – Spoiled Milks, Spencer Robinson @spoiledmilks
  • April 2019 (Due May 1) –
  • May 2019 (Due June 1) – Claude Mariottini @DrMariottini
  • June 2019 (Due July 1) –
  • July 2019 (Due August 1) – My Digital Seminary, Lindsay Kennedy @digitalseminary

As you can see there are some gaps in the schedule and there is no…

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