The Top 5 Viewed Posts of 2018


Happy New YearHappy New Year to our readers! Our blog, while not as active last year as some others may have been, nevertheless posted more than its fair share of significant material so that readers had plenty to read and think about. In light of the coming of a new year, we wanted to post the top 5 viewed posts last year, regardless of when the post was actually written. Here they are!

  1. The Shocking News of Peter O’Brien and Plagiarism: August is the Cruellest Month

This may have been one of our most controversial—and misunderstood—posts. And we are surprised that even after over two years since being posted, it is still our top viewed post on the blog in 2018. From discussions on social media and other blogs referring to this post, we were surprised that some thought Stan was dismissing the severity of plagiarism or even condoning it! Far from…

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