Book Announcement: Porter and Studebaker (eds.), “Evangelical Theological Method: Five Views”


tmI want to highlight a recent book surveying five major views on theological method, edited by Stanley E. Porter and Steven M. Studebaker, Evangelical Theological Method: Five Views (Spectrum Multiview Books; Downers Grove. IL: InterVarsity, 2018). The overall purpose of the book is to note that methodology is extremely crucial to the task of theology (as well as biblical studies, of course), and as a result the book identifies the five major methods in theology. The editors ask: “What is the task of theology? Why does one do theology—is theology our attempt to understand God and his revelation, our response to God, or maybe both? How does one do theology?” (p. 1). They continue, “Most proposals in theology focus on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of theology but give less attention to the ‘how’ of theology. In other words, they often do not address questions of theological method” (pp. 1-2).

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