Unashamed of Jesus

Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you used
to gird yourself and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will
stretch out your hands and someone else will gird you, and bring you where you
do not wish to go.” John 21:18

This was a prophecy Jesus gave to Peter about how his life
would end. The ironic thing is the disciples took this message by Jesus to mean
they would life forever, however Jesus was telling them the opposite. Jesus was
telling Peter he was going to be persecuted and eventually killed because of
his faith in Christ

Historical documentation states that Peter was crucified in
Rome upside down on a cross. Some suggest Peter requested to be put upside down
on the cross, because he was not worthy to die the same death as Christ.
However notice the eerie prophecy by…

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