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Some passages of the Bible are difficult because of the hard work it takes to understand them. And then, there are passages that are difficult because it’sveryevident what they mean.

As I begin this new series of blogposts the message will be difficult because of the subject. It’s one that,quitefrankly, I would prefer not to teach because it hits my calling in life. The topic is one I believe the Holy Spirit would have us consider as a body of believers. I ask that we open ourselves up to what God will pour into our hearts. His instruction from this difficult passage may bring comfort sometimes, in others a reaffirmation of our calling, and for still others a not sogentle rebuke.

In the thirty-third chapter of the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. It’s there that we read these words, spoken by God to the prophet Ezekiel:

Again, the word of…

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